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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cool Breakdancing Videos

And you thought you were strong.
We've been having a discussion about handstands and planche in work (don't ask!!!!:).

Anyways, we ended up going on about breakdancing and the things these guys can do.
So.......anyone remember the guy who did all the crazy breakdancing manovuers in that old Run DMC Vs Jason Nevins music video? Turns out he's got a website, and it's got some pretty ridiculous stuff on it! Check out this video (requires Quicktime or VLC media player for those in work ;).....

Also, for some amusing moves also, see: http://www.nearlygood.com/video/breakdance.html

Note image taken of John Gill, an American climber (you can find an article with him on TheShortSpan). This image is linked from another blog on the web, cheers!