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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deep water soloing & base jumping....

Two sports I've always found mad.
One involves climbing above the sea. without ropes. You fall off, the water stops you :) Sounds great, and I'm off to do it tomorrow. Yeeehaaaaa!!!!!!! Found a route with a jump at 9metres to the next hold so I'll have to give that a lash......Going to be toasty also, it's high 30's at present, and my back is struggling with 4/5 applications of suncream a day. It's pretty intense

And the other: Base-jumping. There I was standing at the bar watching Diarmuid try to practise a climb (the climbs are right beside the bar so you can just sit and watch while resting), when we hear rumours that there's going to be something interesting happening. And low and behold, a guy throws himself off the 100 metre high cliff above the bar, waits three seconds and opens a parachute. Really really fab, I'm in awe, especially as he lands right in front of the bar and just sits down with some mates of his :) Must put that on the ticklist of things-to-do-in-my-life.....

What else has been going on? Well, we survived our mad journey to the full moon party and are now the "legends" of Ton Sai after making the trip there and back in two days :) My climbing was ruined for a few days though as I was so tired however. Bugger.

Went for a rest day swim with Dawid today. Was meant to be lazy but 3 miles later we staggered back into the bay (we swam out of the bay almost to the next village (the one not in the photo below (previous entry)). Major excitement was me getting friendly with some sea-life. I had rolled onto my back for a break, and 'bumped' into something with my head. Now, I was swimming in open sea so you don't just 'bump' into something. So, of course I turned and pushed off the object to find it was a 2-foot by 2-foot Man O' War jellyfish!!!! And I had palmed it right on the tail end...... After calling over Dawid to show him the size of thing (he was impressed too, and the people in the kayak were pretty impressed, although almost more impressed by the fact that we were so far away from civilisation in the sea :) when I realised that jellyfish are pretty poisonous here.
oh oh.
But, as Dawid put it: "we've been looking at it for 10minutes and you're not dead yet, so you must be fine". Got to love Polish logic :)

Climbing wise: starting to get going. There's 3 on-going projects. An 8a+, a 7c+ and a 7c+/8a. We'll see what happens now that I've practised the moves.......
Almost onsighted my first 7c a few days ago ('Tidal Wave' is now 7c for anyone who's been here before after a hold fell off....) but slipped off an edge high up due to polished holds. Oh well, another time!
O.k., off to warm up the arms for climbing above water.......