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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mosquitos, Croke Park and crack-line asskickings?!

Let's start at the beginning.

Mosquitos: O.k., I play a game. Everyday is the Mosquito World Cup. The match is always Neal versus Mosquitos. Usually the match ends up about 5-1 (in my favour :). Not yesterday unfortunately. My ankles now glow after I killed at least 40 and well, let's just say they won this round........
We were up at a new wall, and unfortunately no-one told us about the mosquito situation there, and that the Israeli climbing with us was, emmmmm, slow (I'm being polite ;). Thankfully mosquitos are harmless here so it's all good. Myself and Aussie John (my other partner at the time) are still fighting the urge to scratch.......

Croke Park: Yes, I am going to kill you for not knowing where this is (You know who you are, and kidding ;). It's the Irish national stadium for Gaelic Games, which has been opened up to other sports (i.e. rugby and football (or is it soccer in your part of the world? :)). So as you can guess, there was the possibility for some tension with Ireland playing England. thankfully we won, so it's all good. All reports from people in Ireland are welcome, we've only heard the score here.

Crack-line ass-kickings: I got beaten up by a F7b route today. The problem? You guessed it, it was a crack-line, something I should be capable of as I'm coming from Ireland. Afraid not, the 30metre long (overhanging by 10 though) crack spit me out twice. I was humbled, especially as my best route so far on this trip was right beside it (and I did that as a warm-up!). Live and learn though :)

I was considering forgetting my idea of not staying around to continue trying one route. Then Cory arrived today. He sent his girlfriend home and has returned to Ton Sai beach for one reason. You guessed it, the exact same route. It's a sign from the Climbing Gods to persevere with it. And I'm not complaining as it's one of the most aesthetic lines I've been on - right above a beautiful beach can't get much better. Now all I need is my skin to grow back overnight. Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww........