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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Step 3: Go public | Greenpeace International

Step 3: Go public | Greenpeace International

The eco-link for the week, and once again it's from Greenpeace. They're pushing an 'energy revolution' that's quite well thought out, and don't worry, it doesn't mean selling your car, selling your TV's - basically some well thought out adjustments to your lifestyle.
As I see even the Australians start to make a move on this issue (considering their severe lack of water, they're taking their time!), I'm amazed to see how much of a mindset-change has occurred this year. Maybe it's because people are starting to be hit financially (i.e. higher petrol bills or, for example, water charges in Australia are going to DOUBLE this year, etc.) and that's the only reason it's starting to show, but I'll hope that people just enjoy what we have don't mind making a few adjustments to their lifestyle for it.
Am I ranting on this yet?

By the way: missions for this year? Sell the Ford - the most un-economical car I've ever driven and making me very guilty to drive it (along with a big petrol bill).
I'm a pretty low user of electricity anyway. Even with the hardware collection I'm carrying, they're all mobile devices (some of which are supported by a solar panel, the Solio) so not sure how much I can change on that.
A new one for me is considering how much water I use. It's not a critical issue for me coming from Ireland (it rains a lot!), but do I really need to leave the taps running while rinsing dishes and other little things like that. As I see, how desperate the plight is here in Oz, maybe I should learn from them a little bit (they are to the point in some locations that when you're using your shower gel, you have to turn off the shower.....).
All other comments are welcome below on this, I'm intrigued to hear people's opinion on this!