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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Surprise running time

As you'll know, I've been tapping away at my running throughout this
trip also. I haven't run any races at all (and was really just aiming
to get back running again after realizing what I'd lost from tearing
my tendon last year). Even still, I'd been following a vague program
based largely on running distances based on time, not actual
distance. I get awful bored when out for runs for mileage so thought
it might be of use to myself.

Anyway, I've been using a single-track I found along Lake Wanaka for
the past while. There's a signpost at the beginning of it to state
that it's 5km one-way. For some reason I went out for a big time day
(I was originally aiming to go for over an hour and a half) last week
but changed my mind as I started on the track and upped the pace a
bit - not enough that I was going to be ill by the end but harder
than usual.
Ever have one of those days when sport feels effortless? They're rare
and I sure wish I could replicate them when I felt like it! Still
though, I got to the end of the 5kms and my watch said 17-mins. Wow!
If it was actually 5kms, that matches my personal best from about 4
years ago, and was a very pleasant surprise. It's way off world's
fastest, but for me, I'm pretty happy with that.

Lesson learned once again? That by slogging it out in awful weather,
freezing cold mornings while in Oz while camping out, and putting in
some effort has paid off with visible results in the long-term. Must
remember that......
On another note, great to hear from HAP that her busted cankle is now
working properly enough that she's back running once again also. I
know exactly how she feels when she describes how much she missed not
being able to go out when it was injured. Enjoy the freedom once
again :)


  1. Nice one on your time. Have you heard of Neuro Linguistic Programming? Its a good way to recreate those effortless days. I can't run anymore cos of bad knees :(

  2. 3.4 min/km a nice pace!

  3. yeah, didn't really expect it myself. to be honest, while I felt great running, I find it hard to believe it's a 5km distance. but still, a good confidence booster!
    As for bad knees, my right knee has so far had all the internal padding destroyed from being kicked about 12 years ago (put me in bandage for 4 months), flattened arches which pulled all the ligaments out of line involving replacement orthotics (at a cost of 400 Euro every two years), and torn tendon (the one that joins the knee to the shin) about 20 months ago. So I'm pretty happy that it's still alive and working these days. I found following a training plan really helped to build it up really slowly

  4. Good stuff on the time Neal, my own training plans that I discussed with you a few months ago didn't quite go out the window as complete lack consistency and structure, however I packed in the smokes again I am getting back to training with some sort of structure which will hopefully so some results before I head home in Nov.

    Catch you later,

    ps what part of the world will you be in for Nov/Dec?