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Monday, August 20, 2007

Two things that don't go together

Thankfully they're not mine. Julie-ann, our resident UK traveler (and owner of The Tortoise, our borrowed van), had an 'incident' yesterday on the hill and has managed to mangle the tendon down the outside of her knee and blow out the padding behind her knee. Bummer and considering her skis only arrived recently allowing her only four days of skiing, that's her season over (most likely - depends on what the physio says today).

Still though, one of the cool benefits of New Zealand is......free physio treatment!!! Everyone gets it, no questions asked. What a cool government. Now, if only they could get their act together and get all the buildings in the country to put some insulation in..... ;)

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  1. cao is out!!i got marketing!!!! :) 'lil sis