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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been having a bit an idea lately that I should put together a more formal website, set up a proper gallery and start selling some photos. (nealmcquaid.com is going free :)
What do people think? Would it be worthwhile (other than the side benefit of having to re-learn web programming again)? And most importantly, would you be willing to buy one?!? :) I'm more than aware that everyone and anyone is posting/blogging/publishing these days!
Please reply, all advice and thoughts are welcome (click on the 'comment' link at bottom if you want to add a comment, or email me)


  1. If nealmcquaid.com is going free you should have a go. I've heard of people getting a good bit of money by putting not so great shots on stock download sites and getting $0.10 a hit. It shouldn't take too long to put together a site and if you got a few people buying a year you might be able to pay for another trip away and a chance to take more photos. You would probably have to find a niche to glean though if you fancy living off it full time?

  2. cheers for that Stu - great to hear from you on the blog!
    Don't worry I'm under no illusions about living off it full-time but if it can cover some bills (e.g. pay off the camera!), it'd be good.
    Heard about those stock sites, know any off-hand - I've had a look before but most seemed to work through Google Adsense (which gives meagre returns unless you're getting huge traffic)

  3. The only ones I've come across are snapvillage and istockphoto. Not sure if they use the google adsense or not though. I'm not totally convinced that these micro-royalty sites are the way to go but they may be easier than doing all your own promotion? Then again, I thought iTunes would never take off... If you're looking to pay off your camera quickly why not look at some of the competitions in the papers? The Irish times does a good one every month with a prize of €1000 http://www.ireland.com/competitions/nokia/ although I see this months deadline was yesterday. With some specific shooting I reckon you could bag this at least once.

  4. interesting - ever tried the Irish Times comp yourself ;)

  5. Ha Ha I'd never seen that! Fair play for spotting it!

  6. You should go for it! Why not?