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Thursday, October 18, 2007

When Yoga Hurts - TIME

When Yoga Hurts - TIME

I'm probably going to get a bit slagging for this but since I noticed this in TIME, it seemed worth blogging about.
About two+ years ago, I took a class through my employer at the time who was running some reduced price classes in the building. Always one to try something new out, it seemed like it was worth trying over the winter for the planned 8 weeks.
At the time I was being quite active with about an 10-mile cycle (total) everyday, running every 2nd day and (of course) climbing on top of that.
At the 2nd class, the instructor had us lying with our feet bent back under ourselves (i.e. kneeling), and then lying back so that our head touched the floor. I should have been worried when the instructor jumped out of the position saying one of her ankle locks up when she does it. She'd seem that I'm naturally pretty flexible (but also a beginner) so over she came and pushed me further down. Really tight (all along frong of legs and knees) but nothing too bad.
Within a few days of this however, I was noticing some grumbling from one of my knees. To cut this rambling story short, about 4 months later (after multiple physios and a cortisone injection), it was confirmed that I'd torn the tendon in the front of my knee. Bugger. It took another 12 months to heal properly and I'm still seeing the after effects in my other knee (which had to compensate).
you've been warned.....
p.s. this is not a dig at all yoga instructors. To be honest, I'm sure there's some brilliant ones out there but I know I'll be checking some qualifications next time, and starting slower.
p.p.s and to give the benefits of yoga, (as linked from TIME's article)

Image Credit: courtesy of article on TIME magazine

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  1. OOh that sounds painful. I loved Yoga, found it great for the running. I'm doing Pilates now and am not as impressed.