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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back 3 days and still playing catch-up

What a weird two weeks. I got the flu before heading to Spain with Rob for a week. Knocked me out completely for almost three days (bet those people who I was emailing didn't realise they were keeping me sane!). Survived a week in Siurana in cold conditions and almost managed to get rid of cough.
Got home to a collection of 100 new photos, 200 emails, and way too many articles in my Greader feed to go through. I think I've only caught up today (phew!).
And in between all that, I was sick again! Haven't been sick in years - now it's three times in the space of a month. Think there's some changes I've to make in my life - obviously something isn't right.
Stay tuned for a write-up on Spain tomorrow - I'm off to try do some activity later.


  1. You bugger! you never thought to mention you were hitting Spain with Bobert again!?!?!

    Plenty of pics now!

    and i'll be wanting a climb, by climb account of yer routes!!!

    You finish off Anabolica?

  2. howdy :)
    only reason I went was Bobert needed a sidekick. I was only getting over injury and had a sick-as flu so wasn't aiming for much.
    Decided against Anabolica before I left as shoulder was still sore, but aimed to try another grade-8 and a mid-8 again. Onsighted another 7b+ which is always good when I'm not climbing at all (I'd climbed/trained once since the trip with you). I'll have a post up later!