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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Email overload

KILDARE, IRELAND (Team Geared Up) - You know email is taking up too much time when you do a search of your Gmail account and find that you've had 74 emails to deal with in the past 24 hours......hmmmm! And I don't even have a 9-5 Mon-Fri job - what happens when that starts?!?!?

Thankfully, I keep a pretty good eye on it - it's not kept open at all times, and keep an eye on the clock when dealing with emails so I'm not there all day!

What do other people do? (Other than just not deal with email, although if you're reading this blog, you're reasonably web-savvy!).

all ideas in the comments!

Image: an old photo but pretty much says it all about my expression after opening my email :)


  1. You are just WAY to popular, Neal!
    Get a good spam filter, ignore e-mail from past girlfriends and then scan for the juice stuff in what's left... ;-)

  2. Ooops how many of those was I responsible for :P

    My main aim is to keep on top of it all.....it'll bury you if you let it. I use labels/filter as much as possible to try to keep junk or less important emails out of my inbox.

  3. Ha! I knew this would get a few comments :)
    If only they were all junk - the joys of new coaching job, setting up a new climbing wall and new job means that of those 70-something emails, about 5 were just personal waffle emails (friends, exes, etc :) that didn't have much pressure to reply to. Crazy!
    fun fun fun :)