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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sports climbing in India and touristy stuff

One of the many crags of Badami overlooking the lake. Up to about 40 meters in height

Wow, it's been a while since proper updates. We've been off scoping out the sports crag near Hampi, Badami. It's a small undeveloped Indian town with an amazing set of historical temples and some excellent sandstone climbing. Unfortunately, information is a bit lean these days on the place but we'll hopefully see a guidebook appearing next year sometime. Naomi blogged about how shocking the poverty was here if anyone is interested. Like her, you have to justify yourself for being there just having fun by the fact that you're brining much needed income to the town. Although, it's always a bit disturbing how strange the locals find you for having hobbies - for them, it's just day to day to living......

Local kids looking happy-out to be in a photo :)

Other than that, it's involved being a tourist (shock horror!!!) and visiting some of the Indian famous buildings. I'll give them their fair due, they know how to build to impress when they want to!
And then of course, we went to the Andaman Islands........