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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun & not so fun

Jessica on Humanality - 6b+

Nothing like getting some air on a pitch! One of new-found friends
from the States, Jessica on the crux pitch of 'Humanality', the 150-
meter climb above Ton Sai beach. Yep, you have to step out onto the
big stalactite more than a hundred meters off the ground and climb
out onto it! It's a fun morning's climbing though and a wonderful way
to see the bay from a height.

On other fun notes, two friends have arrived from home (hi Aoife and
Claire!) so the Irish contingent grows steadily. Roll on New Years.....


  1. UGH! I hated that move... it felt so scary!

    Glad to see you are still rockin' along. Keep it up and keep smiling! =)

  2. EVERYONE finds that move scary! :)

    Smiling is the key to life, learning that one everyday.