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Friday, June 26, 2009

Music memories

I had a song on today, Wagon Wheel by 'Old Crow Medicine Show' (last.fm link and video link here, direct YouTube link at bottom of post) and I instantly relate to my very fond memories of my time in Carbondale a month or so ago and with my two awesome friends Cari and Scott (Cari is centre with the coffee, Scott is just behind in the middle). The rest of these fantastic people are those that brought us around Colorado and southern Utah and made us feel as if this was our home - I'll forever be thankful to you!
It got me thinking about music that I can relate to different memories in my life and how you'll always be stuck with fond (or maybe not so fond!) memories of a specific location or people that you were with.

I won't bore you with two examples but here's two:
- my first long road-trip around Europe with my buddies Rob and Andy will forever be imortalised by the music of 'Jimmy Eat World.' Back in the good old days of Minidiscs (remember those - still a better system than CD's?!?!) and I'm sure we must have almost worn out my player before we got home :)
- my first world trip and the supplied music of YOU because of this post :) The 'Clap Your Hands Say Yeah' track, The Skin Of My Yellow Country Teeth, will be the music for 2007. Ahhh, fond memories!

What memories can you think of? is there trips (or anything that will forever remind you of a track?)


  1. Two spring to mind....
    So much love to give... Sunday at Space, Ibiza, 2002. Classic crowd-pleasing tune. I'd never want to go back to those days but I'll never forget them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGEOYmMe-aI

    And Nightmares on Wax, Date with Destiny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWh38u7Q0WI
    Last year, end of season in Utah. Reminds me of a French liftie, a San Franciscan called Ben and a road trip through the Utah desert.

    You've reminded me I need to create some new memories!

  2. Hi Hannah, great to hear from you :)

    Sounds like you've some fond memories like me. I'm only relating to ones from traveling in this post, but there's a few other ones I can think of too. Thought it would be good to stimulate some thoughts for everyone...