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Monday, October 25, 2010

Irish climbers who write/blog

Following on from the post showing the readership stats of the blog, I thought I'd do an update to some older blog posts I've done giving lists of people who are writing online. Yes, some of our writing is terrible, illegible and random, but a lot of it can be really inspiring and motivating - as I described while talking about the competition motivation (and see the great comments also....) - to keep you focused on improving yourself. I'd like to think that more than less of the writing is actually useful but that would be open to discussion ;)

The list above is only the ones that I do know of (and I have to thank Steve McG for a couple of these which were only added on Friday), I doubt it's a complete list. If you do know of anymore, even if only new (like Trish's which only started last week, and with a fantastic first post about competition), do let me know as just like when I started writing this blog, it's good to know you've a couple of readers and build from there :)

How to Subscribe/Use the bundle
If you use Google Reader (free with a Gmail/Google account) or even want to subscribe using your browser, when you hit the subscribe button above, it'll automatically create a folder (or bookmark link at the top of your screen) for you with all the blogs above subscribed. All you have to do is check this page, and you'll see all the new blog posts in one location. It saves you having to go to each page separately to see if they've written anything new (and if you see how inconsistently I write myself, you'll understand why this is useful :).
If the subscribe button doesn't work above (I'm using Internet Explorer here as I write this and it doesn't....), here's the direct link which should.

Side note: anyone working for climbing.ie want to add a tab where all the feeds from Irish climbers appear? Great way to suck in new content to the website and also link to active climbers........


  1. Another good one dude! I have to admit that our back and forth either via emails or through blogs has kept me sane and more importantly psyched over the years... i remember being psyched to work an 8a for the first time while you were in Tailand :o) maybe it's as a result of us being outside of Ireland alot and not having a tangible circle of payched people to motivate us? It's like climbing media, vids... they keep me eager to improve and climb! Either way dude i have to agree 100%! Reading the blogs keeps me keen and getting comments helps to keep me writing... its all good fun.

  2. I'm an Irish climber?
    Cheers buddy, I'll take it as a compliment!

  3. great points Dave :) I'm definitely of the attitude now that while it's easy (o.k. maybe not easy - possible) to push your grades to a certain point under self-motivation, to keep it going needs external feedback and some friendly motivation, especially in Ireland where there's not a huge amount of sports climbing to go at!

    @Pierre, I'm always willing to include blow-ins ;o)