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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A Must Watch - how to make it look easy :)

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A Must Watch

Colette, Emily, Sam, and I just got to Spain and are pretty groggy and junky feeling. Colette and I decided to get this hotel on the highway we have stayed at in the past to rest, sleep and eat… but then I saw this video. Check it out. Adam Ondra is truly the future of sport climbing and this is a great example of why. The guy is far ahead of the game and doing the things we are not doing right now. That is what makes him someone "pushing the sport" (always a goofy phrase, but it's true). His expressions and excitement once he clips the chains are priceless and I cannot wait to go there tomorrow… I AM IN SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neal :)

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  1. Nice one dude !! What a boyo !! I can't wait to see the movie :)

  2. :O

    Bloody hell....Onsight.....wow

  3. Astonishing in it's execution - it's hard to understand just how hard it actually is from the way he cruises it!
    It's a game changer though - watch what will happen in the next few years now that people know this is possible I think.......

  4. they are starting even younger now... 9 yr old girl nearly repeated a v12 3 times just missing out by dabing a tree

  5. Woow .. This amazing video.