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Thursday, November 07, 2013

More Training Video insights from Daniel Woods

Louder Than Eleven continues to produce excellent videos - a live broadcast (video below) last night of a sample training session with Daniel Woods. Impressive. Also, anyone attending the Reel Rock 8 tomorrow night in Dublin, prepare to have a good laugh with the same individual :) With my own memories of early trips and naive mishaps and errors (although not on the same par as this!), I could only smile fondly. I just ended up thinking that I hope everyone has some of these amusing experiences.......

Updated: I've only managed to watch half of this myself. I'm amused to see Woods crushed after the initial exercises - my own experience with a Personal Trainer last year left me in the same condition (at one point, I had to sit down after the session for an hour before making the 15 minute cycle home!). It may sound grim, but I do know after only 5-6 weeks with this Trainer I was climbing the hardest boulder problems I'd ever done......