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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Training articles

In a moment of madness, I've posted two new write-ups to the 'net.

One is hidden in the TGU forums here and is a little thought experiment on the 'logic of training'. Feel free to comment and enlighten/criticize/improve on what I've written.

Secondly, a much longer write-up and potentially of interest to the climbers who've wondered about fingerboarding. Basically, it's a long text-based write-up on their use and my experiences. Once again, feel free to criticize or tell me how this would be of more use. I'm happy to re-write it to share the info if people want. The article is here


  1. A comment on the article about motivation and training.

    I find that having a cool trip planned every now and again is key for keeping me motivated. I've been doing a lot of job and country hopping over the past 10 years, and this has had a signifigant detrimental impact on the amount of climbing that I could do, but hey, I'm doing a job that I love, and those are the rolls we choose to take.

    One thing that has kept me motivated to get of my arse and actually try a bit harder when I am down in the gym is having a few cool trips planned in the year. I'm not a major road-trip warrior, so I can only usually manage a few long weekends a year, and maybe one longer trip, but the motivation it gives is powerful stuff. I'm about to head to font for a week att he beginning of September and that has me well primed right now.

    These trips generally are my short-term goals, and I keep track of my personal bests. I know which problems I sent last time I was in font, and more importantly which ones I nearly sent (oh yes, they will be mine!!).

    Long term goals I must admit to having a problem with. My mid term goal for climbing is to try to stay in one country for a few years and to get a driving license. Funny, but it seems that this is just the way a lot of my good friends got better.

  2. cheers for the comment Ian, great to hear from you!

    I've similar incentives myself usually, it's all about focusing on the next holiday or trip.
    It's only in the past year that I've even considered thinking about reaching a specific grade properly. It's a different and interesting experience! Still though, yeah, climbing wouldn't be the fun that it is if you didn't take a little less seriously than a pro sport!