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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bring on the psyche!!!

Another week over and training is progressively getting it on. Interval laps back in Ireland on Saturday at UCD (man, someone needs to build a proper wall in Dublin - if you are, get in touch cause I want involvement :), Monday on the fingerboard, Tuesday for Intervals at the Foundry (finally seeing progress there), Wednesday for a light fingerboard and stretching session, Thursday for a bouldering session on the new problems at the wall (more progress, flashed some problem grades which were unachievable before). So, Friday evening and it's a rest day before Team Ireland arrives in tomorrow for some hopeful grit stone action if the weather holds. Not to mention my skin needs it. I've been campusing a bit again (1-3-5's and aiming to get 1-4-7 properly which I've never really achieved with ease, and jumps to hang a rung one-handed), and with the added intensity, I'm losing skin proportionally to how effort I'm putting in. Always a good sign then :)
I'm still stoked from watching all the stronger crew at the Foundry, there's some seriously strong folk floating around. And the more I see of some climbing videos, I realize there's so much potential for strength improvements. Goal to be reached by 2011 is a one-armer on a door-frame edge. So, first I need to get to point of dead-hangs - I'm predicting that sorted by summer. Stay tuned. Got to see some improvements in grade if I can do that....

But never mind that, it's Friday evening and I hurt in too many places so stretching, some work and some chillin'. Over and out......

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